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Edgar Mondragón & Erik LópezMX

Edgar Mondragón & Erik López<sup>MX</sup>
Edgar Mondragón & Erik LópezMX

No Hay Recuerdo Que No Se Apague is the last album in Edgar Mondragón's discography and for our Edition 17 it is about to acquire its live form together with the visual work of Erik López and his digital expressionism. A journey through memory understood as an architectural-digital space in constant movement and transformation is the best way to describe this work which is already available in the musician's Bandcamp since November 20th and which we look forward to experiencing in our imminent virtual edition.

Edgar Mondragón & Erik López MXNo Hay Recuerdo Que No Se Apague


The musician and producer Edgar Mondragón and the architect and visual artist Erik López


No Hay Recuerdo Que No Se Apague (2020)