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Mabe Fratti & Milena PafundiGT/MX+AR

Mabe Fratti & Milena Pafundi<sup>GT/MX+AR</sup>
Mabe Fratti & Milena PafundiGT/MX+AR

Fratti and Pafundi’s first time collaboration will explore the combination of their worlds, those of electro acoustic sounds and ethereal images, to create a deep experience with powerful and fading dreamlike abstractions that will touch upon the profound and intimate through performatic symbols. Their collaboration will be complemented with selections from Mabe Fratti’s recent releases.

Milena Pafundi is a transdisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires based in Mexico City. She works in audiovisual media across live performance, installation, theatre and dance. She also brings a profound interest in social issues, human rights and gender advocacy to her creations, working freelance in cultural projects related to art and technology and as a video journalist. She founded the Articiclo Collective and teaches visual arts from a gendered perspective. Her audiovisual sets consist of generative visual techniques, data bending, code and video synthesis, exploring connections between desire and reality that interweave the analog, the digital, the abstract, the figurative, the body, materiality, the private, the public, the political and the ethical.

Mabe Fratti is a cellist and vocalist from Guatemala based in Mexico City. Her artistic sensitivity focuses on the triumph of experimentation over the technical mastery of an instrument. Her experimentation has taken her from academia to noise, to sensations that rattle existence itself. Fratti has envisioned collaborations a a central point in her artistic development, and created through her solo performances a deep personal journey that oscillates between pop songs and free improv, weaving contemporary elements such as shoegaze and dreampop with ancestral influences that go from Gregorian chant to Sephardic music.


The cellist and vocalist Mabe Fratti, and the transdisciplinary artist Milena Pafundi


Pies Sobre La Tierra (2020)