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Myriam BoucherCA/QC

Myriam Boucher<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Myriam BoucherCA/QC

Myriam Boucher is a video and sound artist based in Montreal (Canada). Her sensitive and polymorphic work concerns the intimate dialogue between music, sound and image, through visual music, audiovisual performance, Vjing and immersive projects. Fascinated by the natural environment, she creates audiovisual compositions from the landscape and the relationship that human maintains with it. Her work, « evocative in its dynamism, brings its audience close to something akin to feeling multiple emotions all at once » (The Link). Boucher’s compositions range from works for orchestra, ensemble, collaborative and solo A/V featuring DJ and VJ techniques fully notated and integrated into a concert music setting. She is adjoint professor in composition and digital music at the Faculté de musique of Université de Montréal.

LITTORAL (definition): The shore zone between high tide and low tide points.

For the first time in Barcelona, the show A/V 'Littoral' by the Canadian Myriam Boucher, in collaboration with Kathy Hinde (UK), in which through the combination of sculptural objects, sound and light, she explores concepts related to sea level rise incorporating scientific data on coastal erosion, thermal expansion, sediment compaction and climate change.

The result of residencies in Montréal (at MUTEK 2018) and in the UK (at the Cryptic Cove Park residency), LITTORAL seeks to explore boundaries and edges by inhabiting the spaces in between.


Montréal-based video artist, composer and sound artist Myriam Boucher


Signature Sonore de Poitiers (2019-2021)
Héros (2020)


In Littoral, Boucher performs live with objects, field recordings, lights, lenses and water, to explore the refraction of sound and light integrated with digital abstractions and manipulations.