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Wasted Fates & Future ForwardMX

Wasted Fates & Future Forward<sup>MX</sup>
Wasted Fates & Future ForwardMX

Wasted Fates & Future ForwardIlluminations

'Illuminations' is a Live A/V performance based on Bruce Lee's quote "Be Like Water", drawing elements from new age music and re contextualizing them with elements of modern club compositions. On this journey, Wasted Fates invites us to a moment of inner and outer reflection while being highly rhythmical. Several musical phases appear through the process, where in quieter moments of reflection, the artist questions himself through the voice of AI virtual asistantAlexa’. The live performance aims to be a vehicle for reaching our own essence during quarantine times, a musical trip accelerated with visuals by image provocateurs Future Forward

Wasted Fates & Future Forward Illuminations

Wasted Fates’, mexican producer Octavio Kh, arsenal is a hard hitting collection of latin american rhythms filtered through the global vanguard. Articulating and cross pollinating old dance genres into new territories, a sense of quietness sips on many of his musical productions, a breath of fresh air and deep thought before a barrage of well laden ryhthmic structures from the rest of the world arrive.

Future Forward is a visual project created in 2017 by Esteban García and José Ramon Sahagún. Using chaotic computer imagery, they expose the frenetic speed of image creation, using visual artforms that date back to the birth of web interfaces. Multiple digital aesthetics have been developed since this event. Through the study of underground internet cultures and new media, this project reflects the need to deeply understand and interpret the internet’s own visual history. Future Forward doesn't expect to be disruptive, on the contrary, it attempts to accelerate the digital image creation process even more towards an imminent breakthrough. FF has been featured in several platforms in Mexico including SonarMx, Bahidorá and most recently Boiler Room.


The artist and producer Octavio Kh, and the visual project Future Forward


Physis, NAAFI, Extasis Records


Wasted Fates created this performance during quarantine, it’s main intention is to create a harmonious journey to explore our own emotions and to allow ourselves to feel while being dynamic for dancing.

One of his more recent musical outputs are a couple of tracks he produced for gothic dancehall maven and Warp artist Gaika.