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Market Selection

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Official Market Selection 2022

In continuation of our efforts to promote our local artistic community, we have once yet again selected a cohort of 19 outstanding artists and artistic projects from Québec and Canada: the Official Market Selection 2022.

Handpicked by MUTEK’s curatorial team, the selected artists and artistic projects are at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of digital creation and electronic music. It is our great pleasure to introduce our 2022 cohort.

Ali Phi IR/CA / Aquarian CA/DE / Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules QC/PT / Chloe Alexandra Thompson CA/US / Cosmic JD CO/CA / EEJUNGMI CA / Edna King CA / Handsome Tiger CA / Immersive Collection CA/QC / Johann Baron Lanteigne CA/QC / Korea Town Acid KR/CA / Magnanime CA/QC / Marilou Lyonnais Archambault CA/QC / Matthew Biederman CA/QC / Mue & Katherine Melançon CA/QC / Nahash FR/QC / Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber CA / Nicolas Bougaïeff CA/DE / T.Gowdy CA/DE

Discover the Market Selection Catalogue

We provide these 19 artists and artistic projects from Québec and Canada with maximum visibility in the lead-up and throughout the festival activities via our Market Catalog. This catalogue showcases their work in an easy to navigate format and includes a market-specific introduction video that we produced for the artists. In addition, the artists participated in a month-long workshop series that taught them about how to market their artistic practice including topics such as funding & monetization, copyright & intellectual property, and marketing strategies.

For artists, the Market is an opportunity to disseminate their creative works through a strong network of festivals, curators, promoters, cultural organizations, and creative companies from around the world.

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Market Selection - Schedule

Virtual Gallery (August 9th to September 9th, 2022)

Artists selection

  • Baron Lanteigne (CA/QC)
  • Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules (CA/QC)
  • Marilou Lyonnais A. (CA/QC)
  • Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber (TW/CA+IN/CA)
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Day 2 | Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Day 3 | Thursday, August 25, 2022

Day 4 | Friday, August 26, 2022

Day 5 | Saturday, August 27, 2022

Day 6 | Sunday, August 28, 2022

What Artists Say

April Aliermo (Phedre)

It was the first festival we played at where we felt that the organizers really cared about the artists' careers. It was extremely thoughtful and helpful. We made connections that we wouldn't have been able to make anywhere else, and shared thoughts about our careers that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. We felt really supported!
- Artiste, Montréal, QC

Greg Debicki (Woulg)

I really enjoyed MUTEK Market. It's always hard to meet the 'right people' in any industry, and having MUTEK vouch for me meant that I had a much better chance of being taken seriously than if I met these people in any other setting. MUTEK has already helped me a lot in my career and this marketplace experience was the icing on the cake
- Artiste, Montréal, QC

Pan-African Market Selection

As part of this year’s Market activities MUTEK and South African festival Fak’ugesi join forces to present the Pan-African Market Selection of 8 digital artists and creators and 5 organizations in a hybrid format. The collaboration is set to highlight the most-cutting edge digital artists from the African continent and connect them with festivals, curators, promoters, cultural organizations, and creative companies from around the world. Renewing models of digital interconnectivity the collaboration is set to foster and strengthen connections in digital culture between Africa and Canada.

Alaa Yussry EG / Hakeem Adam GH / Kwasi Darko GH / Joshua Chiundiza ZW / Melissa Allela KE / Valerie Amani TZ / Wamya Tembo ZM / Noel Apitta UG / Wanjiru KE

We are also excited to welcome a group of pan-african organizations and intermediaries to the MUTEK Market:

Antoinette Engel ZA Electric South / Eduardo CachuchoZA Fak’ugesi / ElhamEGOut of The Circle / Jackie KwendaZA 一 Bae Electronica / Oyinda Fakey NG CCALagos /

Learn more about Fak'ugesi