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Q&A: RA Exchange with Gabber Modus Operandi

Q&A: RA Exchange with Gabber Modus Operandi

Friday, August 26, 2022
16:00_19:00 Montréal time

Agora du Cœur des sciences


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The Exchange is Resident Advisor's weekly interview podcast—a series of conversations with the artists, labels, and promoters shaping the electronic music landscape. These long-form interviews are typically recorded at RA's offices in London and Berlin. Occasionally, though, they take the podcast on the road, catching up with luminaries in front of live audiences at festivals and conferences around the world. At this live edition of The Exchange, you'll have the chance to step away from the main stage and share in the conversation with festival artists and members of RA's editorial staff.

The New York-based journalist Nyshka Chandran talks with Gabber Modus Operandi, in advance of their first-ever date at MUTEK Montréal.

Birthed from the experimental punk scene of Bali’s capital city, Gabber Modus Operandi took shape when Kasimyn filled in last minute for an absent band member in friend Ican Harem’s punk band. The result was fluid, genre-crossing anarchy—music that bridged noise and rave rhythms, inspired in equal parts by Chicago footwork, happy hardcore, and the gamelan sounds that could be heard from the community centre next to their studio.


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