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Moog Room MexicoMX

Moog Room Mexico<sup>MX</sup>
Moog Room MexicoMX

Within the framework of the MUTEK MX festival, we want to open the doors of the MOOG ROOM MEXICO so that two emerging artists can generate sounds, capture textures and reinforce their knowledge of analog synthesis with the multiple synthesizers found in the space.

In the MOOG ROOM MEXICO space, artists can find modular and semi-modular analog synthesizers like the MATRIARCH, systems for exploration like the MOOG SOUND STUDIO 3, tools with powerful sound like the SUBSEQUENT 37, and even instruments that celebrate the brand's exploratory legacy. like the ETHERWAVE THEREMIN. In the space they will have the support of brand specialists such as PABLO MENDÍA and ERNESTO MENDOZA.