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OCCA is a DJ and event organiser based in Sapporo. He has been involved in organising parties with different concepts including Archiv, a techno party at the legendary club Precious Hall, ApproX, an open-air party from Hokkaido, Phantom Center, which offers an experimental approach, and Sect, a newly launched party at the Tokyo club, Vent.

As a DJ, he aims to harness the worldview of his dancers, incorporating techno from across the global field through his deft mixing. OCCA has garnered a name for himself in Japan and has been invited to play sets at various clubs and open-air parties across the country. He has played at events including Future Terror, regarded as the leading techno party in Japan organized by DJ NOBU and HARUKA, The Labyrinth,Exit The Labyrinth and Balance organized by Mindgames, and Dommune×Boiler Room. From his performance at these events, OCCA has cemented himself as a respected DJ in his own right.