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About MUTEK Forum

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Since its inaugural edition in 2013, MUTEK Forum's mission has been to reach out to and gather digital arts professionals from all horizons and to provide them with a space where industry players can learn, network and discover the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies, during a week-long event packed with high-quality content. MUTEK Forum brings together producers, artists, buyers and programmers from around the world in a series of conferences, workshops and activities, solidifying Montreal as the capital of digital creativity year after year.

MUTEK Forum highlights the talent of many creators from the local and international scenes, fostering artistic connections and business opportunities in a major way. MUTEK Forum also offers professional development training to a select few local artists, spread over the 12 weeks preceding the Forum. This ensures that these creators are adequately equipped to fully capitalize on the contacts made during the event, while contributing to the exposure of their work to international leaders in digital creation.

This ever forward-looking marketplace of ideas brings together creators and professionals to explore the most innovative artistic practices, while generating important conversations about the ethical, ecological and political issues related to technology and the digital world. Each edition, MUTEK Forum strives to deliver a rich and vibrant program, immanently and consistently marked by its great relevance, as well as a distinct attention to emerging topics. The event thus serves to orient and inform the development of the art and digital creation industries, while also guiding its actors through the characteristic effervescence of their sector.

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