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For the 5th consecutive year, the MUTEK Market, a career acceleration and business development program for industry professionals, makes its return with an exciting selection of 20 Canadian artists. The Market’s mission: provide support and essential tools to empower artists in their career growth. This includes several months of training and the creation of customized Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) tailored to participating artists.

More than a support system, the Market serves as a bridge between buyers and artists — through one-to-one business meetings held one week prior to the festival. In previous editions, MUTEK Market 2023 fostered more than 500 meetings in the span of 2 days, averaging 35 connections per artist. Overall, the event brought together 20 artists and 130 industry professionals. Creating a space for negotiation, establishing a solid basis for sales and initiating valuable connections lie at the root of the Market’s mission.

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For this special edition, Q&A sessions with Market artists will be organized during the MUTEK Forum and moderated by Nyshka Chandran (Futures Editor at Resident Advisor).

The 2024 Market artists

Allison Moore (Cloud Bodies)

Allison Moore is a Montréal-based new media artist renowned for her work in expanded cinema. Her innovative projects, showcased at esteemed venues like the Venice Biennale of Architecture and MOCA Toronto, blend narrative storytelling with digital arts, focusing on video mapping, VR, and site-specific art. Moore’s art reimagines environments, integrating them with allegorical elements. In addition to her artistic practice, she contributes to the field as a freelance editor, compositor, animator, and workshop facilitator, shaping the future of New Media.

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CUERPOS (Francis Dawson & Nadia Duman)

CUERPOS, an experimental electronic music duo from St. John’s, Newfoundland (Ktaqmkuk), consists of DJ/ producer Francis Dawson and multi-instrumentalist Nadia Duman. Formed in 2019, the duo explore and blend diverse musical styles, including post-punk, house, techno, cumbia, dub and reggae. Their compositions blend elements of Caribbean music with club-ready rhythms and electronic production, culminating in high-energy performances. Their catalog reflects the raw, chaotic energy of punk music, the calculated precision and groove of dance music, and the freedom of Latin music. CUERPOS weaves their Latin and Caribbean heritage into a dynamic electronic framework. The duo melds cumbia, dub, and reggae with pulsating electronic rhythms. Their collaborative process creates a psychedelic dancefloor experience, celebrating the richness of musical genres while driving towards new sonic territories.

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ÈBONY (Jordan Gardner & Andre Edwards-Roderique)

Hailing from Toronto, ÈBONY, comprising Jordan Gardner and R-ODERICK, stand out with their innovative fusion of Detroit techno and Chicago house, enriched by South African melodies. Since their impactful debut with the EP Real Truth and a notable collaboration on FeelmyBicep’s Love Myself, they have become recognized figures in the electronic music scene. ÈBONY’s work is characterized by a unique blend of subgenres that captures the essence of avant-garde dance music, making their sound distinctive and forward-thinking. Their approach not only respects the roots of techno and house but also pushes the boundaries by incorporating global influences. ÈBONY brings their genre-defying sound to MUTEK with the world premiere of their album Union. Their live set promises an evocative exploration of global rhythms and deep cultural narratives, resonating with the contemporary Black experience.

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G L O W Z I (Gloria-Sherryl François)

G L O W Z I is a producer and interdisciplinary artist weaving a tapestry of archival sounds and contemporary visuals, creating a universe where Black feminist ethos, archival practices, and imaginative language coalesce. Their work spans various media, imbuing each creation with a sense of history and community connection, highlighted in venues from Boiler Room to MUTEK. G L O W Z I C O M B O melds Afrodescendant rhythms with electronic music, transcending genre boundaries to explore sonic freedom. Their performance crafts an auditory journey guided by diverse instruments and ancestral echoes.

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Isotone Studio (Bar Rubinstein, Hugo Fournier & Lilian Guiran)

From intention as direction, from point to form, from technology to emotion, Isotone explores digital oceans in search of new creative horizons. Founded in Montreal in 2018, Isotone is made up of Bar Rubinstein, Lilian Guiran, Hugo Fournier and Félix Bonjour. Their creations take shape through experimentation, weaving freely through the multiple know-hows of the digital arts. From visual creation to musical composition, from programming to painting, they always put technology at the service of the sensory; a digital art in search of poetry.

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Liliane Chlela

As an electronic producer, DJ, and performer, Liliane Chlela redefines auditory boundaries with her innovative sonic explorations. Hailing from Beirut and now based in Montréal, Chlela emerged as a pivotal figure in Lebanon’s experimental and electronic scenes. She is known for her spontaneous, improvisational process, utilizing synths, samplers, pedals, and a guitar to create her unique soundscapes. A dynamic live performer, Chlela has graced stages at MUTEK, Rewire, and more. As co-founder of Beirut’s Jidariyya music collective, she advocates for gender-nonconforming artists, fostering creativity and representation in the local scene. Chlela’s versatility extends to fashion, interactive installations, and performance art, making her a pioneering force in contemporary music.

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mesocosm (Emma Forgues, Joël Lavoie & Philippe Vandal)

Montréal trio mesocosm return to MUTEK after their world premiere at the 22nd edition of the festival. Terra Flecta by mesocosm trio, Emma Forgues, Philippe Van-
dal, and Joël Lavoie, stages a journey into speculative extraterrestrial biomes. Crafted during their Satosphère residency, the work melds photogrammetric visuals and soundscapes derived from Québec’s contaminated locales with cinematic music, exploring futuristic possibilities and environmental narratives.

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N3ZHA (Mimi Ting Li)

MIIIA, also known as N3ZHA, emanates from Shanghai’s vibrant electronic music scene. Her alias is named after Nezha, a protective deity in Chinese folklore, representing Taoism. Over the past decade, she has carved out a niche with her distinctive soundscapes that merge psychedelic elements with themes of futuristic technology and cybernetic explorations. Known for her dynamic live sets using an array of hardware, she delivers a tactile and taking experience that resonates deeply. Under various aliases, including San Tai Zi, she continues to push musical boundaries, crafting soundscapes that are as innovative as they are emotive. N3ZHA delves deep into her cultural roots through immersive soundscapes that celebrate loyalty, sacrifice, and the triumph of spirit.

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Nora Gibson

Gibson earned a BFA in Dance from Tisch, at NYU and an MFA in Intermedia from Concordia University in Montreal. Gibson’s choreography has been presented by New Dance Alliance at Joyce SOHO, Dance Place in Washington DC, Philadelphia Dance Projects, etc. Her work has received consistent critical acclaim, heralded by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “the most authoritative work in Philadelphia...” Through the integration of new media, Gibson facilitates research-creation around the body-mind, selfhood, and conscious experience through immersive/interactive work, sound installation, bio-reactive video and light installation, and full dome projection. Her work in new media has been presented by Urban Screens Production (AUS), Ars Electronica (AUT), and the Satosphere (MTL) and more.

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Orchestroll (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Asaël Robitaille)

Orchestroll, the duo of Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Asaël Richard-Robitaille, leverages their extensive studio experience to explore esoteric soundscapes. Known for their work with artists like Bernardino Femminielli and Marie Davidson, they break free from conventional constraints to create a unique and aestheticized sound. Their music blends EDM, pop, rock, musique concrète, new-age, ambient, orchestral, and club elements into a distinctive auditory experience. As co-founders of Editions Appaerent, they have contributed to records by various artists and designed presets for major plugins like Native Instruments’ Absynth and Arturia’s Pigments. Their dissonant ritual melds anachronistic melodies with digital surrealism, crafting a soundscape that balances compositional dissolution with slambient textures.

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Piu (Priyanka Chakrabarti)

Piu is a vocalist, composer, and producer who adorns ambient soundscapes with hard hitting synth riffs, raga-inspired vocals, and global rhythms. Trained in Indian classical vocals, she resides on Vancouver Island. Her work involves an intricate layering of organic and synthetic elements, with her compositions often starting from unconventional chord progressions and complex rhythmic patterns. She draws from the emotive forces of minimalist music and the frontiers of modern electronic sounds. Her approach involves a fusion of organic and synthetic sounds, drawing on minimalist influences and modern electronic vibes, that invites deep emotional engagement.

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Seulement (Mathieu Arsenault)

Seulement (Mathieu Arsenault) explores the transformative potential of the human voice within the digital realm. Through his innovative approach, he captures snippets of his own voice, reconfiguring them into complex structures where the organic meets the synthetic. His debut album EX PO, released in 2021 under the Mothland label, is a testament to this method, blending experimental electronics with elements of traditional songwriting. His craft is akin to sculpting—meticulously shaping sounds to reveal new textures and dimensions. This process highlights his unique perspective on electronic music, where lyrical expressions are intertwined with structural experimentation. Beyond Seulement, he’s collaborating with the rock band Technical Kidman, with filmmakers and dancers.

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Tati au Miel (Tati Daniel)

Tati au Miel is an enigmatic figure in Montréal’s diverse artistic landscape. As a sound designer, DJ, and producer, their work transcends traditional musical boundaries through a melding of techno, punk, and industrial sounds. Their multidisciplinary approach not only includes sound but extends to fashion design and performance art, reflecting a commitment to exploring the intersections of identity, sound, and material. Their artistic expression is deeply rooted in their Haitian-Canadian heritage and queer, gender-fluid identity. Tati au Miel’s work is characterized by a commitment to abstraction and speculation in storytelling, examining the aesthetic history of Black electronic music and its emancipatory potentials.

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Technologies of Consciousness (Stephanie Castonguay & Sonya Stefan)

Motivated by the porous and undefined intersections between art, media and science, the collective seeks to define our biological consciousness through our shared potential to feel a deep and meaningful communion with the sphere of Nature. Driven by the spirit of DIY, their projects embrace a radical, grassroots point of view of non-expertise, demystifying the organic world in relation to the body’s healing, decomposition processes and the notion of the end of the cycle. With Numinous Machines, the duo presents an audiovisual odyssey into near-death’s shadowy boundary, inspired by sacred Yantras and the natural-technological nexus. This performance harnesses macroscopy and modified turntables, merging sound with image through graphical notation driven by decomposition’s laws.

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