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MUTEK Market 2022


This year, for its third edition, the MUTEK Market is coming back with its virtual networking platform that connects local and international artists with industry professionals from around the globe. After a highly successful 2021 edition that brought together more than 550 artists and industry professionals, the MUTEK Market aims to showcase the most cutting-edge projects in electronic music and digital art to both industry professionals and artists alike.

Additionally, it allows to connect the participants with MUTEK’s global industry network through professional profiles, 1:1 meetings, and networking activities. For professionals that are able to join us in-person in Montréal, MUTEK will also have a series of physical networking activities.

MUTEK's programming team has put together an official selection of 21 Québec and Canadian artists who will benefit from training and support at the Market. These are aimed at giving the artists tools and knowledge for career development through workshops, personalized EPKs as well as facetime with international buyers throughout the Festival and Forum.

Official Market Selection

Ali Phi IR/CA / Aquarian CA/DE / Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules QC/PT / Chloe Alexandra Thompson CA/US / Cosmic JD CO/CA / EEJUNGMI CA / Edna King CA / Handsome Tiger CA / Immersive Collection CA/QC / Johann Baron Lanteigne CA/QC / Korea Town Acid KR/CA / Magnanime CA/QC / Marilou Lyonnais Archambault CA/QC / Matthew Biederman CA/QC / Mue & Katherine Melançon CA/QC / Nahash FR/QC / Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber CA / Nicolas Bougaïeff CA/DE / Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones CA/QC / T.Gowdy CA/DE

For those professionals who will be on site in Montreal, MUTEK will also be offering a series of in-person networking activities as part of the Forum. Here are some of the international buyers who will be in Montreal:

Bogomir Doringer NL 一 Nxt Museum / Bronne Keesmaat NL一 Rewire /
Cameron Scott CA一 send + receive / Cinthya García Leyva MX 一 Casa del Lago UNAM /
Damian Romero MX一 MUTEK.MX / Fiona Haggerty UK 一 Cryptic/Sonica /
Jakub Pesek CZ一 Lunchmeat Festival / Jay Bang KR 一 Paradise Art Space /
Jeanne Charlotte Vogt DE 一 NODE Forum for Digital Arts /
Kris Voveris LT/CA一 New Forms Media Society / Lalin Akalan TR 一 Digi.logue/Sonar+D /
Marc Jacobs BE 一 Europalia / Midori Hayakawa JP一 MUTEK.JP /
Naomi Johnson CA 一 ImagineNATIVE Film/Media Arts Festival /
Philipp Grefer DE 一 WISE / Seung Hyun Kim KR一 PRECTXE

Key Dates

Online networking: August 16 to August 28
Scheduled 1to1 meetings: August 16 & 17
Forum on-site : August 23 to August 26

What industry professionals say:

"The coalition of poets and engineers that MUTEK has been programming for over 20 years has never been more timely. As we increasingly migrate to the infosphere, a space defined by an increasingly abstract everyday life, the visions of the future presented at Forum 2021 were rejuvenating in scope. [...] It is also clear from our shared present that the groups brought together by MUTEK are essential to the construction of our new world. Maintaining these open avenues of dialogue, exchange, and reciprocity is a sign of a vital circulation of knowledge, and with it, a community of practice."
- Matthew Raymond, Milieux Institute, Montréal, QC

"For a festival, as we are, the exposure was great. It was really easy to connect with artists, and organizations, not only Canadian but also European."
- Yves Conrardy, Rotonde Festival, Luxembourg

"The Market materials and 1:1 meetings were super valuable and at a high calibre with really interesting artists."
-Blake Kammerdiener, SXSW, Austin, US

"It was the first festival we played at where we felt that the organizers really cared about the artists' careers. It was extremely thoughtful and helpful. We made connections that we wouldn't have been able to make anywhere else, and shared thoughts about our careers that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. We felt really supported!"
- April Aliermo (Phedre), Artiste, Montréal, QC

"I really enjoyed MUTEK Market. It's always hard to meet the 'right people' in any industry, and having MUTEK vouch for me meant that I had a much better chance of being taken seriously than if I met these people in any other setting. MUTEK has already helped me a lot in my career and this marketplace experience was the icing on the cake."
- Greg Debicki (Woulg), Artiste, Montréal, QC

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Our Market Offer

For artists

For artists, the market is an opportunity to disseminate their creative works through a strong network of festivals, curators, promoters, cultural organizations, and creative companies from around the world.

For industry professionals

For industry professionals, the market is an opportunity to discover the most cutting-edge projects in electronic music and digital art, and connect with MUTEK’s global industry network.

In a Hybrid Format


Now in its third year MUTEK’s virtual networking platform seamlessly connects artists and industry professionals from around the globe through professional profiles, 1:1 meetings, and networking activities.
"The platform was easy to navigate and I could easily find most information on the programmes. I appreciated having access to reach out to industry peers or artists and vice versa."
- Stacy Law, ArtScience Museum, Singapore


In addition, for a select group of professionals that are able to join us in-person in Montreal this year MUTEK arranges for a series of physical networking activities.