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Welcome to our resources page. Here you will find a variety of documents and tools to help you better understand the world of digital creation and its impact on art and culture. Whether you are an emerging artist or a seasoned professional, our collection of resources aims to inspire, guide and help you develop your knowledge and skills. We provide guides, studies and practical templates to help you navigate this ever-changing universe. These insights and results have been acquired through activities from MUTEK Forum.

STUDY: Crafting a Market for Independent XR

Québec/Canada XR’s study Crafting a Market for Independent XR asked producers, distributors, and curators from around the world about the current state of the independent XR ecosystem.
To access the key learnings of this study and to learn more about the major challenges, innovations, and best practices when circulating, curating, distributing, and monetizing XR works, click here to read the full report.

TOOLKIT: Issues and Resources for the Production and Distribution of Digital Artworks

MUTEK, aiming to explore new ways to support its community of creators, conducted several experiments, consultations with cultural stakeholders, and mediation events on immersive content production and distribution in 2021-2022.
This non-exhaustive toolkit summarizes their recent learnings and links XR-related issues with online resources, with the goal of democratizing access to information and sharing sector knowledge. Click here to explore the toolkit.

TEMPLATE: Contract for Immersive Art Project

Template annotated contract with legal annotations for digital artists and producers. This is a model exclusive distribution license agreement for a virtual reality work (interactive and viewed with a headset) and the production of a linear version of the same work (non-interactive and viewed without a headset, e.g. 360 video version or dome version).
We are publishing this template as an indicative guide of elements to consider in creating similar agreements, and we encourage readers to adapt the clauses to their specific contexts and needs. Click here to view the contract.