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Alex VlairFR/QC

Alex Vlair<sup>FR/QC</sup>
Alex VlairFR/QC

Alex Vlair is a multidisciplinary 3D artist and VJ who creates work for music videos, installations, and events. He is interested in the boundary between the digital world and the real, working often with real-time content for events that bring people away from their screens and into social gatherings. He often works with music and musicians, not only exploring the relationship between sound and image, but also as a simple admiration for the power music has to draw people together.

His personal work gravitates towards dark, dream-like themes with an underlying hint of ancient and esoteric symbolism. He strives to capture a sense of a deeper coherent meaning for humanity, using the allure of virtual worlds to draw the audience into the here and now.

Alex Vlair’s VJ sets are performed using Notch, with pre-constructed 3D scenes that are manipulated in real-time. Focusing on colorful psychedelic mantra-like patterns mixed with lo-fi digital glitches, his visuals could be described as esoteric cyber-punk.