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Whether as a producer, DJ or event promoter, Sam Barker's mission is to push the boundaries of dance music, looking beyond 4/4 techno to explore sound design and rhythmic complexity from a leftfield angle.

Originally from England and currently based in Berlin, Barker has forged a long-standing relationship with Berghain, the club where he is a resident, and its Ostgut Ton label, where he has released two LPs and several EPs of his own and as one half of Barker & Baumecker. His link with one of the top techno capitals is also amplified by his work behind Leisure System, a record company and promoter of which he is the founder. His studio works and DJ sets are distinguished by their fine mix of unconventional rhythms, hypnotic dubstep, IDM patterns and crescendo emotions that catapult us into infinity the night of Nocturne 360.

Berlin-based English producer, DJ and promoter Sam Barker.


Berlin-based English producer, DJ and promoter Sam Barker.


Ostgut Ton, Leisure System


His remixes to “Eden tide” by Planetary Assault System and ”Mandrill” by the legendary Martin Gore.


In addition to his productions as Barker, he is part of the Barker & Baumecker duo and co-founder of the Leisure System label and event promoter.