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Do you recall the Biosphere 2 project? That immense, sealed glass dome constructed in the Arizona desert in 1990, which experimented with the possibilities of building self-sufficient space colonies, and housed entire families in a detached environment for extended periods of time? Geir Jenssen does. He was so taken with the creation of such a development that he adopted the project's name, Biosphere, as his alias. In a nod to many of his compositions having been assimilated into an 'Arctic Sound'-a somewhat reductive term concerning his work since it is much more than a simple reflection of his environment-he proposes you enjoy the same type of experience. Animated by attention to detail, rich textures, a natural minimalist aesthetic-aquatic brushstrokes, echoes of distant vessels, and glacial glitches-and other frequency maneuvers, he composes a 'cinema for the ears' that irremediably positions the listener in a profound and pensive sonic dimension. For Biosphere's MUTEK performance, multimedia artist Egbert Mittelstädt, who gloriously captures Jenssen's sonorous evocations through visual impressions and slides, will accompany him. Mittelstädt proceeds with style and eschews any pretences of rigid formalism or the dichotomy often found between sound and image. His digital manipulations of natural images or extreme situations from everyday life distort perception, while constituting a genuine invitation for escape toward infinite horizons. A dual display of the unreal and the poetic!


Touch, Biophon