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Boris AcketNL

Boris Acket<sup>NL</sup>
Boris AcketNL

A space and perception alchemist returns to MUTEK MX: Boris Acket reconfigures space, materials, lighting and movement in hypnotic and immersive environments; capsules where time and reality disolves in the midst of an atypical and fascinating experience. The effects of Einder II, the mega installation he created in 2018 for Nocturne 360’s Room B ​​still reverberates in our memory, and we cannot imagine what he will do at the forefront of the creative design of the stages and lighting of Nocturne 360 ​​1 and 2 this anniversary Edition.

Boris Acket takes architectural spaces, landscapes and any type of environment as the canvas to express abstract ideas about time and nature. He uses installation, live performance, video and lighting for projects and interventions for spaces such as La biennale del Venetia, Paris Fashion Week, Dark Matter Berlin, NXT Museum Amsterdam and various galleries and fashion events. When he is not developing his own pieces or at the creative direction of the Schemerlicth festival, Acket collaborates with the De Lichting collective and makes music for his solo project or as half of Working Titles.

Boris Acket NL, contemporary artist and creative director.


Boris Acket, contemporary artist and creative director.


The Bird of a Thousand Voices, a stage experience by Tigran Hamasyan for which Acket created the set design.

Boris Acket's TED Talk on how to use technology, lighting and sound in creating powerful messages.


At MUTEK MX Edition 18, Acket presented Einder II, an impressive immersive installation that took over Nocturne 360’s Sala B. This large synchronous sculpture was activated between live performances, with dynamic lighting and surround sound by Elías Mazian, to emulate with technology the infinity of natural patterns such as a blizzard, a tidal wave or a storm.