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Bulgur Brothersse

Bulgur Brothers<sup>se</sup>
Bulgur Brothersse

Bulgur Brothers is made up of Johan Skugge, Andreas Tilliander, and Mikael Stavöstrand.

Mikael Stavöstrand grew up in small town in Sweden, where he started producing EBM in the late eighties, he then started to release Industrial / Dark Ambient music using different pseudonyms on labels as Staalplaat, Cold Spring, Dark Vinyl and more. After that period he got more interested into sound research and minimalism, which also led to a couple of CD releases on labels as Staalplaat. In 2000 he became more focused on bringing his experiences and sound from the pure minimal scene into a more club context, so he started to work with techno soundscapes, which immediately resulted with releases on Force Inc. in Germany.

Andreas Tilliander is a Swedish electronica, drone and techno producer who significantly contributed to the evolution of the 'clicks & cuts' genre with his first albums Cliphop and Ljud. He has recorded music under many names and worked with some of Europe's influential electronic music labels.