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Delforus is a performance ensemble for the expression of contemporary thought applied to sound art and avant-garde music, incorporating elements of the visual arts. Its functions can be presented as performance installations or concerts of sound sculptures, noise, IDM, ambient and industrial music generated absolutely live. Combining all this together with the incorporation of new technologies, their music not only describes images but also transports them to a kind of surreal and science fiction scenarios, at times difficult to define.

Directed by Fernando Laub, a musician and visual artist mostly dedicated to new musical expressions, over the years the project has had an open structure thanks to which different performers have joined to enrich the practice. Our production is presented in solo and group concerts as well as fixed media in numerous festivals and art spaces locally and internationally.

On this occasion, Delforus will present Una invención de relatos distópicos at MUTEK AR, displaying a concert of sound sculptures with various musicians on stage and a particular visual and sound aesthetic, inviting the viewer to challenge a preconceived state of affairs. That is why they dare to call it avant-garde music, since it moves closer to the border between the known and the unknown, between the usual and the not so usual. A kind of power plant where controlled chaos is generated.