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Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene & Matt EckensweilerCA

Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene & Matt Eckensweiler<sup>CA</sup>
Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene & Matt EckensweilerCA

Subtractive space takes Nocturne 360 ​​to distort and challenge our senses with a game of perspectives, in which minimalist abstraction is expressed in large audiovisual elements. This installation, which is just beginning to make its rounds at festivals in North America, was conceived by three Canadian experimentalists specializing in the physical and spatial aspects of digital art. Through laser mapping, 3D lighting and real-time manipulation of 2D images, Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene and Matt Eckensweiler deliver a visual experience that simulates, from their own aesthetics, the natural movement of particles and other multiscale physical phenomena.

As creatives, Fezz, Karl and Matt share a passion for exploring scientific aspects through digital experimentation, each from their own specialty. Fezz Stenton specializes in audio-reactive imagery and 3D animation and has done visuals for the Mexico and Montreal editions of MUTEK. Matt Eckensweiler has been exploring the physicality of the audiovisual experience for over a decade, while Karl Skene brings his skills behind lasers, his specialty as well as generative video and LED lighting.

Canadian multimedia artists Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene, and Matt Eckensweiler.


Canadian multimedia artists Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene, and Matt Eckensweiler.


Transformation, from Fezz Stenton, an interactive art installation designed to highlight the challenges and opportunities of the climate crisis.


Artefact Creative, Matt Eckensweiler's studio, was in charge of the set design and visual experience of the Electric Island festival, with an impressive mix of structures, lighting, 3D content and mapping.