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Lucas DMAR

Lucas DM<sup>AR</sup>
Lucas DMAR

Audiovisual artist with bases in computer engineering and graphic design. Since 2007 he has been exploring the field of real-time image in relation to sound and physical space, developing tools and specific software / hardware ecosystems for each project. The main support of her work are audiovisual installations where sound and projections transform the space, and live audiovisual performance.

His works range from audiovisual performances and installations in museums and art spaces to quadraphonic fulldome shows and technical developments for stage works and festivals. Participating in projects such as IDV (Research and Visual Development), Limantes DJVJTJ, Zizek Club, Dubscope, Misiones Cortas Clandestina Weekend Nerd, Melmann and Entre Ríos, among others, he has carried out a tour of festivals such as Mutek BA, Sónar + D BA, Panoramic, Onedotzero BA, TDI, TMDG, and art spaces and museums such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art of Bs As, MACBA, MALBA, MAR Museum, CCK, CC Recoleta, CCEBA, TACEC Teatro Argentino, CETC Colón Theater, Espacio Plá, Matienzo Cultural Club and Arco Madrid 2017.