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Na. B3es

Na.B3 is a multidisciplinary collective that addresses research, experimentation and creation practices. In particular, the collective is interested in the articulation between art, science, body and technology, as well as functions in the production of subjectivities.

Participating artists: Alejo Rodriguez, Bernat Brell and Rubén Oya.

#OBJ. 1

"Every object induces a particular partition of the world: itself and the rest of the world. Therefore, given any object, one can speak of three concepts that are proper to it: its interior, its exterior and the border that separates the one from the other." Excerpt from Jorge Wagensberg's "The Rebellion of Forms".

Thus, a thin membrane becomes a border, trapping a part of the world inside and conferring shape and size to the object.

With #OBJ. 1 explores the ephemerality of this border and with it the individuality of the object. The size, structure, opacity or character of the object's content are degrees of this independence from the uncertainty of the rest of the world.