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Scotch Rolex & Shackleton + Pedro MaiaJP+UK+PT

Scotch Rolex & Shackleton + Pedro Maia<sup>JP+UK+PT</sup>
Scotch Rolex & Shackleton + Pedro MaiaJP+UK+PT

Scotch Rolex and Shackleton are two of electronic music’s most free-spirited mavericks.

Scotch Rolex, an alias of DJ Scotch Egg, is best known for his work with Kampala-based artists MC Yallah and DUMA’s Lord Spikeheart. With releases on Nyege Nyege’s Hakuna Kulala label, Rolex draws on dancehall, trap, Japanese traditional music, gabber, grindcore, Gqom, and Kuduro to unique and exciting effects.

Meanwhile, the founder of Skull Disco, Shackleton, has been carving out his brand of bass heavy, esoteric ritual trance music for the best part of two decades on labels such as Honest Jon’s, Hot Flush and Perlon.

This year they released Death by Tickling, an album that combines the surrealist punk ethos of Scotch Rolex and the bass-heavy psychedelia of Shackleton.

Born in Vila do Conde (Portugal) and based in Berlin, Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Maia works predominantly with 16mm and 8mm film, pushing the boundaries between analogue, digital and live cinema. His work has been presented and exhibited at renowned places like The Barbican Center, Serralves Museum, The Centre Pompidou, Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum, Mostra São Paulo, CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, and Eye Film Museum, amongst others. Maia has contributed to projects for Patti Smith, Soundwalk Collective, Danny Elfman and Lucrecia Dalt and has presented solo performances as well as collaborations with musicians such as Vessel, Shackleton, Holy Other, Kevin Richard Martin, and many others, with presentations of these worldwide in leading festivals like Sonar, Unsound, Berlin Atonal, Ars Electronica, All Tomorrow’s Party, MUTEK Montreal, MUTEK Mexico, Red Bull Music Academy, among many others.

Death by Tickling is full of wild and unpredictable changes, incorporating odd time signatures, cosmic synth freak-outs, and dubbed-out space vibrations. It takes the audience into a zoned-out trance while, at other times, it startles with its ferocity. Death by Tickling encompasses the whole range in its Helter Skelter approach. With warping and twisting visuals, it transports the audience to a strange and ultimately funny world through the use of analog film manipulation, quirky perspectives, and trippy visual effects.