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Taylor McArthurCA

Taylor McArthur<sup>CA</sup>
Taylor McArthurCA

Taylor McArthur (Nakota of Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian multimedia artist working with 3D animation, video game design and video. After having studied Interactive Media Arts in Brandon, Manitoba, McArthur sought to expand her knowledge in digital arts through self-learning. Her first passion being illustration, she gained curiosity in 3D modelling while learning to work in Blender and in Unity. Drawing from her past, McArthur creates digital landscapes of the future, coming full circle in her practice. At times inspired by her own poems, her artworks are contemplative, vibrant and dreamy. Her craft is informed by Indigenous Futurisms and seeks to situate her Indigenous culture within both a modern and potential future vision. Recent exhibitions include Mackenzie Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba and the Canadian Roots Exchange.

Taylor McArthur CALine of Sight

Line of Sight is an immersive WebGL experience in which the user is invited to navigate throughout the terrain, which is a manifestation of the artist’s past experiences. The game is situated in the contemporary genre of walking simulators, which trade reward systems and fast-paced gameplay for contemplative immersion. The artist invites the player into her visual vernacular, a juxtaposition of digital naturalism with neon shapes and geometric patterns. Together these forms represent the artist’s own memories, while illustrating her perspective on reminiscence. Line of Sight is an immersive personal reflection upon identity, memory and their ties to the land.

Taylor McArthur’s work is co-presented with the Mackenzie Gallery.


Canadian-artist Taylor McArthur, combining digital landscapes and geometric creations in her immersive artworks.


In 2020, the artist co-presented !; in an online exhibition with Dallas Flett-Wapash for the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.


McArthur has participated as a 3D artist for the National Film Board of Canada.