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Kohui is an audio-visual artist who lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He explores the relations between objects that can connect to sound, focusing on sensing auditory objects. His work is particularly focused on generating landscapes using algorithmic processes inspired by natural phenomena, while also considering the relationship between sound and people, society, and nature. By connecting his works with the auditory objects, Kohui creates audio-visual generative art and sound.
The act of sensing auditory objects is the act of focusing on himself and Kohui believes that the origin of the act is related to nature. Based on this, he exhibits works that seek the connecting point between the individual and nature, and, furthermore, explore the possibility of sound to be a natural language.
Starting with his first participation in WeSA Festival in 2016, he has taken part in the Seoul International Computer Music Festival, SICMF (Seoul, 2022), MUTEK Montréal (Montréal, 2021), SEOULLIGHT (DDP, 2021), LG OLED ART - SAATCHI GALLERY Exhibition (2021), ACT FESTIVAL (ACC Gwangju, 2018/2022), Phantom Sense (Platform L, 2023) and other domestic and international exhibitions and performances. In 2022, he was chosen as Creator for ZER01NE 2022, an innovation program supported by Hyundai Motor Group.