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Mara AznarES

Dive Up
Mara Aznar<sup>ES</sup>
Mara AznarES
Dive Up

Mara Aznar is a strong difender of the concept of learning and individual self-knowledge as a way to become truly free.

After graduating in General Health Psychology and specializing in clinical psychology, she dedicated herself to the world of psychopathology and was part of the scientific department of VipScan as an expert in behavioral and personality prediction. At this stage she had the opportunity to develop her informative facet as co-author of the book "Deja de Intentar Cambiar" Kolima books, 2016.

She is currently immersed in Diveup is a project created for people who want to know themselves from a neuroscientific and psychological perspective. In addition to offering online psychotherapy services that she combines with her work as a Human Resources consultant. She advises companies in the processes of selection, management and detection of human talent.

The dive Up

To advance as a species, we must first be able to do so as individuals. And to do so, we need to turn internal chaos into coherence. Therefore, it is necessary to understand our way of being and behaving.

From this point of view, Dive Up presents four immersion plans so that people can immerse themselves in their personality and manage what they need according to their vital moment. In order to build a more coherent version of themselves.

For companies, they offer recruitment services, leadership training, internal promotion and re-skilling from a perspective based on neuroscience and psychology.