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Sahar HomamiIR/DE+QC

Sahar Homami<sup>IR/DE+QC</sup>
Sahar HomamiIR/DE+QC
PANEL | Curating cross-border collaborations: INSCAPE: NEW HOMEOSTASIS

08.22 | 2:00 pm_3:15 pm Montréal time

© Cédric Lecat

Sahar Homami is an audiovisual artist/programmer, calligrapher and researcher from Tehran, based in Berlin and Montréal. Their background and approach is multidisciplinary and experimental, driven by combining art, technology, philosophy, and mysticism. Their artistic practice assumes different formats while maintaining a strong anchor on storytelling and real-time generative art, calling it live poetic cinema. Homami’s artistic interest is motivated by great emphasis on concept and content, which goes under critical research. They strive to push the boundaries of perception and consciousness, to expand our art of seeing. To Homami, seeing spans knowledge, art, ethos and politics. The art of seeing is the art of being human.