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Iris SaladinoAR

Iris Saladino<sup>AR</sup>
Iris SaladinoAR

Iris Saladino is a sound-oriented creative coder based in Buenos Aires. Member of CLiC (Colectivo de Live Coders). She works live coding music (mainly, but not only) with TidalCycles and images with Hydra. She has performed at: UNSaM, UBA, Rolf Art Gallery, Museo Sívori, Museo Moderno, Centro Cultural San Martín, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Centro Cultural Ciencia, Planetario Buenos Aires, Planetario Bogotá, among others.

Festivals: Amplify Nano, MUTEK 2019, BA; Festival Domo Lleno, CO; Festival de Música en Red, DE; Festival No Bounds, UK; Piksel, NO; OverKill, NL; SpamArts, BA.