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Matt DesLauriersCA/UK

Matt DesLauriers<sup>CA/UK</sup>
Matt DesLauriersCA/UK

London-based Canadian-born artist Matt DesLauriers utilizes code to design generative artworks heavily inspired by modern art. He has collaborated with various artists in developing interactive installations, which have been displayed in special events at the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. During the Winter Light Exhibit in Ontario Place, DesLauriers worked on a project titled Lumos, a light sculpture that responds to human warmth. The cold blue tones quickly turn into warmer hues of red, orange and yellow once the installation detects body heat. The artist has been able to create multiple prints of his art, generating unique combinations with every piece. DesLauriers is an active member of the open-source community, and has held numerous talks, classes and workshops on creative coding such as the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture in London, FITC in Toronto and Amsterdam, Frontend Masters in Minneapolis, and GROW in Paris.

Matt DesLauriers CA/UKWayfinder

Wayfinder is an evolving web-based generative art game that takes the player on a contemplative journey through nature. Welding artificial intelligence and machine learning, each experience is newly generated as to create a unique and ephemeral setting, just as nature itself. Poetic tokens can be discovered by navigating a mystical character, unveiling words hidden in the wind. This project is supported by the National Film Board of Canada, and is a collaboration between Matt DesLauriers, Guillaume Le Roux and Tiffany Beucher.


London-based Canadian artist and creative coder Matt DesLauriers, creating dynamic digital artworks and public art installations in different cities around the world.


In 2019, DesLauriers presented Tempest, an interactive audiovisual piece displayed on the Harpa Concert Hall during Reykjavik’s 2019 Winter Lights Festival.


The artist has contributed code to Open Source Software, including a framework for developing generative art with JavaScript.