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OKTE x reginaceii x MAJAAR

OKTE x reginaceii x MAJA<sup>AR</sup>
OKTE x reginaceii x MAJAAR

OKTE is an electronic music producer, sound designer and DJ from Buenos Aires. His eclectic music brings together elements of pop taken to a sound extreme with a high physical and at times emotional impact. Since mid-2019 he has been part of TRRUENO, a multidisciplinary platform and laboratory for Latin American artists and a label on which most of his own releases lie. He currently produces resident artists of the city, such as O.L.I.V.I.A and EL PELELE (Quantum Natives/TRRUENO), with whom he worked on the composition and sound design of his latest live performances.

Regina Ceii is a visual artist and creator of scenic experiences. She stands out for her work with new technologies and for her implementation in installations and performances. She has combined digital and performing arts applied to the field of music, both in audiovisual pieces and in live performances. Difficult to pigeonhole into a single discipline, Regina's work has articulated through the years various areas such as lighting, stage design, performance and installation electronic arts. Today she works as a stage designer for well-known musical projects.

She is part of the TRRUENO artistic collective, with whom she has ventured into installation electronic arts and also as a performer. She has exhibited in institutions such as MAMBA, Cc Recoleta, Cc San Martin, Chela, CaSo.

In 2021 she merges her work with MAJA in the fields of digital arts, working with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. During just one year of work, they developed advanced techniques that quickly gained notoriety and that they have applied in numerous videos and live screens at renowned venues and festivals (Sónar BCN, Primavera Sound, Lollapalooza).

Manuel Biderman aka MAJA is a digital artist, musician and music producer. Within the field of electronic music he stands out for his sharp and hyperkinetic productions. He has worked with numerous artists from the local scene (O.L.I.V.I.A, Amaru, Rattlesnakke, among others) and released material on labels such as Hiedrah, AGVA or TRUENO.

As a digital artist he is distinguished by his work with GAN's, for which he has been recognized in numerous specialized media. In 2021, together with Regina Ceii, they managed to take their work with A.I to another level, developing advanced techniques that quickly gained notoriety and allowed them to develop their shows on a large scale in renowned venues such as Sonar BCN, Primavera Sound, Lollapalooza, among others.

In the 2022 edition of Mutek AR, these three artists will present their work Zenit at Palacio Alsina.