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Future Festivals Survey

About the Survey

The Future Festivals research group invites all festival-makers, artists, and audiences to help assess the state of our cultural infrastructure and working in the arts. The survey collects basic info, personal opinions, and offers opportunities to get involved.

Take our survey to add to the conversation

Your answers among other things are set to inform a MUTEK-led report on the current state of independent festivals aimed to be published in 2024. Your answers will further inform the upcoming activities of the Future Festivals Lab, the curation of an aspirational Future Festivals Summit and Expo in August 2024, the accompanying Future Festivals Field Guide online dossier by HOLO, an envisioned print publication titled the Future Festivals Handbook, and other academic publications.

*This survey is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Documentation & Publication

The on-going documentation and publication is an inherent part of the project. We partnered with HOLO magazine, which are accompanying the project through an evolving multimedia dossier on

Future Festivals Field Guide

HOLO Dossiers FF Field Guide LEAD D 1600


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