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MUTEK Forum 8

7 N8 A7267

After last year's hybrid edition, MUTEK Forum 2022 marks a return of the event to an essentially in-person program, as well as its usual four-day format (instead of the eight days of MUTEK Forum 2021). From August 23 to 26, the 8th edition thus took over the Cœur des Sciences de l’UQAM, where a range of conferences, discussions and panels were presented by creators and professionals from here and 15 different countries.
Meanwhile, the Chaufferie was enlivened by networking activities including daily lunches and a series of three cocktails presented respectively by XN Québec, Hexagram and SYNTHÈSE, and Refraction DAO. In the neighboring building, the Hexagram room hosted a collection of masterclasses and interactive workshops that brought participants together in an intimate setting, conducive to exchanges and connections.

Regarding attendance, MUTEK Forum 2022 gathered a total of 618 participants - 310 of whom were present in Montreal and 141 who joined the event online - and a total of 385 different organizations, represented by 547 participants. The virtual platform Swapcard, on the other hand, hosted 402 confirmed appointments, 2,410 new contacts established, and nearly 5,300 messages exchanged.

The programming of MUTEK Forum 2022 consisted of 26 conferences, panels, workshops, masterclasses, and Q&As with content specifically designed for the event. For the first time in two years, all activities were in person, except for two online sessions. These were aimed at a specific international audience, namely members of Keychange and Amplify - organizations that have been partners with MUTEK for four years now.

Find the detailed program.

7 N8 A7579

Tuesday, August 23 - Setting the Table

OPENING: Welcome Back IRL ?
Jeanne Charlotte Vogt DE / Jeremy Bailey CA

PANEL: The Genrefication of AI – From Critical Encounters to Artistic Practice
Sofian Audry CA/QC / Isabella Salas MX/QC / José Luis de Vicente ES / Julieta Agriano AR / Peter Kirn US/DE

WORKSHOP: Fest-Forward – Imagining Future Festivals
Maurice Jones DE/QC / Meaghan Wester CA/QC / Marek Blottiere FR/QC

PANEL: Shapeshifting between Physical and Virtual Worlds in Post-Crisis
Michel Lemieux CA/QC / Bogomir Doringer NL / Lalin Akalan TR / Myriam Achard CA/QC

Q&A: HOLO Encounter avec NSDOS
Greg J. Smith CA / Kirikoo Des FR

7 N8 A7719

Wednesday, August 24 - XR Salon

CONVERSATION: Crafting a Market for Independent XR
Ingrid Kopp UK/ZA / Sandra Rodriguez CA/QC

WORKSHOP: A Sustainability Toolkit for the Event Industry
Caroline Voyer CA/QC / Chloé Gagnon-Champigny CA/QC

MASTERCLASS: Decentralizing the Music Industry – Community-Led Frameworks in Web3
Matthew Chaim CA/QC / Mark Redito PH/US

PANEL: The New Producers – Digital Art Presenters Crossing Industry Lines
Mourad Bennacer CA/QC / Aurélie Besson CA/QC / Lola Baraldi FR/QC / Éric Desmarais CA/QC / Cat Bluemke CA

PRESENTATIONS: The XR Projects of MUTEK’s Immersive Collection
Matthew Edwards US / Markus Heckmann DE/CA / Line Katcho CA/QC / France Jobin CA/QC / Chloe Alexandra Thompson CA/US / Claudine Hubert CA/QC

WORKSHOP: Cripping Music Culture Through Access Riders
Stefana Fratila RO/CA

Q&A: HOLO Encounter avec Fractal Fantasy
Sinjin Hawke QC/CA / Zora Jones AT/QC / Greg J. Smith CA

7 N8 A7956

Thursday, August 25 - Research-Creation-Industry

CONVERSATION: Beyond Matter – Producing, Curating, and Mediating Art in Virtual Spaces
Felix Koberstein DE / Véronique Paradis CA/QC

MASTERCLASS: Art, Technology, and the Law – IP for Digital Artists
Eliane Ellbogen CA/QC

PANEL: Fibres and Textiles – Creating Alliances Between Art, Industry, and Knowledge
Ryth Kesselring CA/QC / Audrey Coulombe CA/QC / Laurent Simon CA/QC / Alicia Turgeon CA/QC

WORKSHOP: Negotiating Contracts for Digital Artists
Eliane Ellbogen CA/QC

PANEL: Research-Creation and Digital Arts – An Autopsy of Production Pipelines
David Hurtubise CA/QC / Louis-Philippe Rondeau CA/QC / Yan Breuleux CA/QC / Gina Hara HU/QC / Anne Le Bouyonnec CA/QC / Rilla Khaled CA/QC

Q&A: Baron Lanteigne
Johann Baron Lanteigne CA/QC / Nathalie Bachand CA/QC

7 N8 A8185

Vendredi 26 août - Les industries de la musique et de l’audiovisuel

KEYNOTE: Doing It Yourself – Elevating Marginalized Communities in Electronic Music
Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson UK/US / Sarah Mackenzie CA/QC

WORKSHOP: Production, Distribution, and Accessibility Challenges in Emerging Digital Worlds
Benjamin J. Allard CA/QC / AM Trépanier CA/QC

PANEL: Enter the Musicverse – What’s Next for Music in Web3
Matthew Chaim CA/QC / Cora Novoa ES/CAT / Athena Yasaman US / Sarah Mackenzie CA/QC

WORKSHOP: Intro to Web VR on Mozilla Hubs and Spoke
Avec : Nancy Lee TW/CA / Kiran Bhumber IN/CA

PANEL: Where Do We Go From Here? Building a Better Future for Live Music
Malcolm Levy CA / Élyanne Coursol-Dion CA/QC / Renee Dumaresque CA / Peggy Hogan CA/QC

Q&A: RA Exchange avec Korea Town Acid
Jessica Cho KR/CA / Nyshka Chandran CA/US

7 N8 A8093

MUTEK Market

The market also returned for a third consecutive year. Held this time in a hybrid format and connecting local and international artists with industry professionals from around the world through professional profiles, one-on-one meetings, and physical and virtual networking activities, 19 projects were selected, designed by 21 Quebec and Canadian artists who received special exposure and personalized support in the form of a professional development training program spread over the 12 weeks leading up to the Forum.


Here are some significant statistics regarding the impact of the Forum on its participants, which come from the survey sent to them after the event:

  • 62.5% of participants attended more than 5 contents (panels, Q&A, conferences, and discussions) presented at the Agora du Coeur des sciences, which is at least half of the programming.
  • 90.6% of participants discovered Canadian content at the Forum.
  • 87.5% of participants attended at least 1 networking cocktail held during the Forum, while 37.5% came to all cocktails. 65.6% of participants say they made more than 6 connections at the Forum
  • 93% of participants made contacts with one or more companies operating in the same field as theirs (excluding participants who do not belong to an organization), and 80.7% of them consider that one or more of these contacts present(s) a partnership opportunity for their organization.

You can find all the information about the 2022 edition of the Forum on its dedicated website: MUTEK Forum 2022