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June 26, 2024
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MUTEK Market: International Networking and Promotion of Canadian Artists


For the 5th consecutive year, the MUTEK Market, a career acceleration and business development program for industry professionals, makes its return with an exciting selection of 20 Canadian artists. The Market’s mission: provide support and essential tools to empower artists in their career growth. This includes several months of training and the creation of customized Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) tailored to participating artists.

More than a support system, the Market serves as a bridge between buyers and artists — through one-to-one business meetings held one week prior to the festival. In previous editions, MUTEK Market 2023 fostered more than 500 meetings in the span of 2 days, averaging 35 connections per artist. Overall, the event brought together 20 artists and 130 industry professionals. Creating a space for negotiation, establishing a solid basis for sales and initiating valuable connections lie at the root of the Market’s mission.

Discover the Catalog

The 2024 Market artists

  • Allison Moore (Cloud Bodies)

  • CUERPOS (Francis Dawson & Nadia Duman)

  • ÈBONY (Jordan Gardner & Andre Edwards-Roderique)

  • G L O W Z I (Gloria-Sherryl François)

  • Isotone Studio (Bar Rubinstein, Hugo Fournier & Lilian Guiran)

  • Liliane Chlela

  • mesocosm (Emma Forgues, Joël Lavoie & Philippe Vandal)

  • N3ZHA (Mimi Ting Li)

  • Nora Gibson

  • Orchestroll (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Asaël Robitaille)

  • Piu (Priyanka Chakrabarti)

  • Seulement (Mathieu Arsenault)

  • Tati au Miel (Tati Daniel)

  • Technologies of Consciousness (Stephanie Castonguay & Sonya Stefan)


Market's artists at MUTEK XXV

For this special edition, Q&A sessions with Market artists will be organized during the MUTEK Forum and moderated by Nyshka Chandran (Futures Editor at Resident Advisor).

Confirmed international programmers joining the Market

This year’s MUTEK Market will welcome 130 international and Canadian programmers ranging from electronic music festivals, digital and media arts festivals to galleries, and curators. Exclusive access to the Festival and Forum, provided by MUTEK, will grant attendees special networking events, meeting opportunities, and personalized business-to-business (B2B) interactions.

  • Alberto Nerone - Primavera & MUTEK ES, Espagne

  • Anastasia Isachen - Light festival Oslo, Norvège

  • Antoine Cayrol - Atlas V, France

  • Balto Pinto - Modular Festivals, Honduras

  • Carly Whitefield - LAS Art Foundation, Allemagne

  • Clara de Asís - Göteborg Art Sounds, Suède

  • Claudio Caciolli - Bright Festival Leipzig, Allemagne

  • Damian Romero - MUTEK.MX, Mexique

  • Evangeline Brooks - Interaccess, Canada

  • Gonzalo Solimano - MUTEK.AR, Argentine

  • Ivan Arias - WOS Festival, Espagne

  • Jeanne Charlotte Vogt - NODE Festival, Allemagne

  • Jiri Novak - Lunchmeat, République Tchèque

  • Kabir Engel - Glovox, MUTEK CL, Chili

  • Kamya Ramachandran - Future Fantastic Festival, Inde

  • Lauren Buckley - Tate Museum, Royaume-Uni

  • Ludovica Michelin - MUTEK ES, Espagne

  • Luke Kemp - Barbican Immersive, Royaume-Uni

  • Natalia Piñuel - She Makes Noise, Espagne

  • Omar Lavalle Castillejo - Fundación Telefónica Movistar , Pérou

  • Paolo Löffler - Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, Allemagne

  • Sabine Himmelsbach - HEK (House of Electronic Arts), Suisse

  • Shuichiro Iwanami - MUTEK.JP, Japon

  • Susa Pop - Public Art Lab, Allemagne

  • et plus…

Are you an industry professional and interested in joining the MUTEK Market?

Contact us

Incubator: accompanying tomorrow's artists

To mark the 25th anniversary of the MUTEK Festival, MUTEK is stepping up its support for emerging Canadian artists with its new MUTEK Incubator initiative, which will tie in with the Market program. In the same vein, the Incubator is proactively seeking out emerging artists in the digital and sound arts. The role of the MUTEK Incubator, though similar to that of the Market, will be personalized and specialized in the accompaniment of these artists, with the aim of fostering the professionalization of the next generation of artists. The MUTEK Incubator will host 10 emerging Canadian artists and will run for 4 months, from June to September 2024. Each artist will benefit from targeted training, a relationship with a mentor, the production of an electronic press kit and access to additional professional activities and expertise.

Incubator participants:

  • Sliberium (Tom Jefferson, Prince Amani Kouame, Tristan Sendji)

  • Ultima Esuna (Ariadna Toledo)

  • ephemeral objects (Michelle La)

  • IHA (Apple Cabrera)

  • Jean-François Robin

  • Jihen Ben Chikha

  • Max Lester

  • Sophia Oppel


  • Ali Phi

  • Baron Lanteigne

  • Charline Dally

  • Ciel

  • Jason Voltaire / Bootyspoon

  • Marilou Lyonnais-Archambault

  • Myriam Bleau

  • Olivia McGilchrist


  • Jonathan Kawchuk

Mentors are Market alumni, artists who have been in the MUTEK Market in previous editions.

MUTEK Academy : Training Sessions

To provide relevant and advanced training, the MUTEK Market and the Incubator have joined forces to offer over 70 hours of training to artists. In June and July, the artists were notably supported by Rosana Corbacho, artch, hinter live, La Piscine, SOCAN, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], and Station Clip. We thank our partners for their support in the development of these projects.

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