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Beth ColemanUS/CA

University of Toronto
Beth Coleman<sup>US/CA</sup>
Beth ColemanUS/CA
University of Toronto
PANEL | Into the Wild: Designing AIs in Retrograde

08.20 | 11:00 am_12:00 pm

LAB | Wilding AI

08.23 | 10:30 am_7:00 pm

Working in the disciplines of science and technology studies and generative aesthetics Beth Coleman’s research focuses on artificial intelligence and smart technology, urban data and civic engagement, and transmedia arts. She is the author of Hello Avatar and Reality Was Whatever Happened: Octavia Butler AI and Other Possible Worlds. She is a founding member of the Trusted Data Sharing group and research lead on AI policy and praxis at the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology & Society. Coleman served as the Founding Director of the U of T Black Research Network Institute Strategic Initiative and is currently working on the monograph, AI in the World: perils and possibilities of a General Purpose Technology.