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Atsushi TadokoroJP

Atsushi Tadokoro<sup>JP</sup>
Atsushi TadokoroJP

Since the 1990s creative coder Atsushi Tadokoro has been exploring and researching new compositional approaches using digital sound synthesis and algorithms. In the new millenium Tadokoro encountered novel creative coding environments such as Processing and openFrameworks, which he used to expand musical composition to audiovisual creation. In recent years, he has been travelling the world to presenting his audiovisual live-coding performances. Tadokoro is also an established lecturer on creative and live coding at Maebashi Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of the Arts, and Keio University. His works are published on were they can be freely accessed by students and creators alike. He published several introductory books to creative coding, specifically on the Processing and openFrameworks environments.


Creative coder, researcher and lecturer Atsushi Tadokoro