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Eva GonzaloES

Eva Gonzalo<sup>ES</sup>
Eva GonzaloES

Eva Gonzalo is passionate about nutrition, exercise and self-knowledge. The three pillars that allow her to manifest a fuller life.

Studying holistic nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Madrid and learning to eat in a healthy way, gave her back her health and quality energy to enjoy life.

Exercise and movement have always been part of her life. For a few years as a professional dancer of the National Ballet of Spain, after an injury and having to leave the stage, fitness and therapeutic movement have become her passion.

That feeling of strength and power, which allows her to keep her body in shape while giving her the flexibility, agility, harmony and body aesthetics that she likes the most.

Emotional management and self-knowledge have been a fundamental part of her journey. Knowing herself, recognizing her dysfunctional patterns, discovering her inner saboteur and understanding the real reason for her decision making, has given her a new life.

A more authentic life, more connected to who she truly is. A more fulfilling life.

And after 10 years of study, research, learning, application to her daily life and my clients' lives, and proving time and time again the benefits of implementing good habits in your life to manifest fuller lives, she opened cookingmylife, where she shares useful information that inspires us to take control of our health and live a life of fulfillment.