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James BergCA

James Berg<sup>CA</sup>

In 15 years of roles across games research, games accessibility, and QA, James Berg has worked with developers at Electronic Arts on 40+ games & projects. A few highlight titles include NBA JAM, FIFA, NHL, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Alongside lived experience with being neurodiverse (autistic, ADHD), he has deeply collaborated with the professional games research & accessibility communities for most of his career. All this, combined, has allowed Berg to merge deep, practical knowledge of game design, game production, tech, player behaviour, and games-focused accessibility.
His mission is to share that amalgam with anyone that may find it useful in making accessible games. Berg speaks on & engages with folks on these topics at conferences, studio events, alongside non-profits, and on Twitter.
His role at Xbox, as a Senior Technical Program Manager, is to help create & drive further educational efforts in this area, building on and alongside his colleagues’ existing industry-leading resources, such as the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines and the Gaming Accessibility Fundamentals Learning Path.