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Q&A | RA Exchange with Priori

08.25 | 1:15 pm_2:25 pm

As Priori, Montréal’s own Francis Latreille has released several essential albums skillfully blending elements of Dub Techno, Drum and bass, IDM and Tech house. His debut album, On A Nimbus (2019), constitutes a haunting exploration of technological utopia, while the more recent Pareidolia (2023) draws from the human tendency to perceive shapes and patterns in seemingly random objects, a recurring theme expertly woven in Priori’s music. In addition to his artistic career, Priori is also an accomplished sound engineer who shapes the underground electronic music scene in Canada and abroad through labels NAFF and Garmo, managed in collaboration with Adam Feingold, as well as Jump Source, a project/studio he co-founded with his accomplice Patrick Holland.