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Sinjin HawkeCA/QC

Fractal Fantasy
Sinjin Hawke<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Sinjin HawkeCA/QC
Fractal Fantasy
Q&A: HOLO Encounter with Fractal Fantasy

08.24 | 16:00_17:00 Montréal time

Sinjin Hawke's innovative club productions draw from the complex rhythms of grime, footwork, and contemporary rap as well as the fluidity and grandeur of classical music. His tracks often feature sophisticated, prismatic melodies and otherworldly vocal manipulations, meticulously sculpted into an energetic rush. Hawke has collaborated with a wide range of artists, ranging from footwork and experimental club luminaries like DJ Rashad and DVA to major hip-hop and R&B stars such as Kanye West and Frank Ocean. Along with frequent collaborator Zora Jones, Hawke is the co-founder of audio-visual platform Fractal Fantasy, and the duo create interactive online installations which are as mind-bending as their music. Hawke's long-in-the-making debut full-length, First Opus, arrived in 2017, and his first collaborative release with Jones, the futuristic club-pop EP Vicious Circles, followed a year later.

Hawke took a Music Technology course at McGill University in Montréal, and became a part of the city's club scene, eventually co-founding an event series titled Boomclap in 2009, drawing talents such as DJ Rashad and Lunice. After meeting Zora Jones at a gig in Barcelona in 2010, he decided to move to the city the following year.

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