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Markus HeckmannDE/QC

Markus Heckmann<sup>DE/QC</sup>
Markus HeckmannDE/QC

Markus Heckmann is a Technical Director with Derivative in Torontoーthe makers of TouchDesignerーwhere since 2006 he has been involved in product development, education, customer support and tool development.

Coming from a VJ background, Heckmann’s personal work has included A/V performances and installations with a range of collaborators, which include showings at MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Buenos Aires, MUTEK Barcelona, Index Braga, Day4Night Houston, and PRECTXE Seoul, amongst others. For his most recent work, France Jobin entrusted Heckmann with the visual component to her performance Entanglement which premiered at MUTEK Montréal’s Edition 22 in August of 2021.